Twitteroo 1.5

Tweet from your desktop


  • Easy to use
  • Embedded URL shortening tool


  • Doesn't include all the options you have in Twitter

Not bad

If you spend all day in front os a computer screen, like many of us here at Softonic, you may have got hooked on Twitter and need something like Twitteroo.

Twitteroo is a simple desktop Twitter client that enables you to easily publish tweets to your Twitter account without even having to open your web browser, let alone visit the Twitter page and log on. Just enter your account data the first time you run Twitteroo and you'll be ready to go.

Besides sending tweets, you can also check on your friends' and send replies to them. Twitteroo also includes an automatic shortening tool for your web addresses so that they don't take up too many characters.

Twitteroo features some simple configuration settings with which you can set the update frequency and font size, for example. Some other options Twitteroo lacks, in my opinion, are the ability to set how many updates you want to receive or having a direct link to your Twitter page.

With Twitteroo you can manage the basics of your Twitter account right from your desktop.



Twitteroo 1.5

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